November 07, 2008

New Travel Guide on Disney World Vacations for People with Disabilities


Greg Ball is publisher of Walt Disney World with Disabilities a travel guide that unlocks the secrets of comfortable travel at a destination that has a strong tradition of inclusion.

New Travel Guide Helps Disney Vacation Dreams Come True

You're dealing with health issues, yet you dare to dream of a vacation. How will you get your needs met? Despite his wife Sarah’s many health problems, experience has taught Stephen Ashley that they can vacation with ease and confidence at Walt Disney World. In his newly released book, Walt Disney World® with Disabilities, Ashley has included everything you need to know in advance to thrive at Disney, with anything from minor to major physical or emotional conditions.

According to Stephen it took years of trial and error to figure out which rides and attractions Sarah could enjoy without flaring her condition. “Often, I served as Sarah’s test dummy on various rides,” jokes Ashley. “We read every book and pamphlet out there and combed the web, but there was just so much information missing." "We realized we had a lot to share that could help others with health issues have a smooth and relaxing vacation," said Ashley.

Walt Disney World® with Disabilities contains the most in-depth and full descriptions you’ll find in any Disney World guidebook of the physical and emotional "feel" of Disney World attractions. It’s also filled with a wide variety of tips for increasing comfort and avoiding problems at Disney that you just don’t see anywhere else. Anyone who has tried to navigate Disney – with or without a serious health condition – will understand how valuable this level of detail can be.

Walt Disney World offers a wide variety of guest support services, yet according to Ashley, most people are not aware of what’s available specifically for them and their individual needs. So in addition to ride descriptions, Walt Disney World® with Disabilities also offers extensive information on Disney’s special services, as well as expert advice regarding topics including:

• How to get your needs met in the parks, resorts and restaurants
• Details on handling medication & medical equipment
• Meeting special dietary needs
• Transportation
• Wheelchair use
• Dealing with specific conditions in the parks and resorts, and much more. says:

"...This book is truly a marvel and an absolute must for anyone planning or thinking about planning a trip to WDW with any type of disability. I would also recommend this book to those guests with small kids who would like to warn their children of potentially disconcerting or frightening aspects of rides. I would recommend this book to anyone going for the first time and who would like specific details on rides and dining options. In fact, I would recommend this book to anyone. period."

Travel writer Hillary Easom wrote:

"Stephen Ashley is a Disney guru! Walt Disney World® with Disabilities includes the finest details, from hints for making room reservations to tips about which disability or phobia might be affected by each individual ride or attraction. Clearly, Ashley knows the parks inside and out. This book fills a glaring gap in Disney tourism literature and will help make the parks more enjoyable for every visitor."

Walt Disney World® with Disabilities is now available on the Web through the official Web site: Or it may be ordered through and For bulk purchase and group discounts contact the publisher, Ball Media Innovations, Inc., at (954) 432-1274.

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