November 04, 2008

Healthy Homes for the Eldery on Tribal Land

Morgan Greenseth writes at on the green/Universal Design convergence occurring in the Pacific Northwest of the US. With forward thinking like this it should be no surprise that green maritime design is emerging from the same region. See the Waypoint-Backstrom Principles now in Spanish at Polibea Turismo.

Medical advancements and rising life expectancies mean new challenges as members of the Baby Boom generation age. One of these challenges is housing.

Many elderly citizens are demanding viable alternatives to nursing homes, where they can live independently, while interacting with their communities and growing old in their own homes. But this independence will require spaces that are accessible for a range of abilities: for example, with entrances that accommodate wheelchairs or walkers, or door and drawer handles that are easy to grasp and turn. Housing for the elderly also needs to be affordable, from construction costs to utility bills, and health, constructed with non-toxic and irritant-free materials.

The Elder Healthy Home by EcoFab offers one example of what a solution could look like. This showcase prototype is a working model of a sustainable, accessible home built on a budget that was designed specifically for senior citizens and regional Native American tribal members.

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