July 16, 2008

Marriott Courtyard in Columbia, SC

Watchdog ( Tony Bartelme ) at the Charleston Post and Carrier reports on abuse of disabled parking spaces and ignorance of the law by staff at a local hotel. While this abuse is common the Post and carrier is to be commended for taking notice of such a "small" infraction and protecting the safety of the disability community as we travel for work and pleasure -- and probably stay at a competitor's hotel:

Last April, Laura Kirkham was a guest at Marriott Courtyard in Columbia and noticed these materials stored on a disabled parking space. [photo in original article here ]

Kirkham said she uses crutches and that this was the only covered handicap parking spot at the hotel. She it would have been helpful to have this space available because it rained several inches during her stay. "Rain and crutches are a treacherous combination," she noted...

Michael Wells, a manager, told Watchdog that the hotel has 189 spaces total, five of which are for disabled motorists, including the one covered up. He said the hotel was only required to have four. He declined additional comment.

In fact, the hotel is required to have 6 spots available at all times.

Total Parking in Lot -- Required Minimum Number of Accessible Spaces

1 to 25 -- 1

26 to 50 -- 2

51 to 75 -- 3

76 to 100 -- 4

101 to 150 -- 5

151 to 200 -- 6

201 to 300 -- 7

301 to 400 -- 8

401 to 500 -- 9

501 to 1000 -- 2 percent of total

1001 and over -- 20 plus 1 for each 100 over 1000

Source: access-board.gov/adaag/html/adaag.htm

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