July 11, 2008

From the Family Center on Technology and Disability

Young boy pushing man in wheelchair

I have enjoyed my correspondence with the Family Center on Technology and Disability recently as they interviewed me for their current newsletter. The article begins:

For families of children with disabilities going away for a summer trip is easier said then done. There may or may not always be traveling music involved, but there is hard planning and thorough preparation. Fortunately, families engaged in travel planning are not doing so in an information vacuum. Thanks to pioneers such as this month’s interviewee Dr. Scott Rains, inclusive tourism is a field of interest that is fast emerging from the shadows into the daylight of the information age.

As defined by Dr. Rains, who invented the term, inclusive tourism is “the comprehensive application of Universal Design by the travel and hospitality industry at all stages of product lifecycle.” A related term, inclusive destination development, “similarly starts with Universal Design in looking at the creation, management and marketing of tourism destinations, Dr. Rains notes.

The full article is here:


Don't miss the list of resources the Family Center on Technology and Disability has gathered at the end of the article!

Posted by rollingrains at July 11, 2008 06:10 PM