May 24, 2008

Cruising in Alaska

I travel a lot and I travel on word-of-mouth recommendation.

Excuse my obvious bias but I have a pretty good idea just by looking at somebody how reliable their their recommendation is likely to be.

Skin color, age, gender, nationality don't matter. What catches my attention is when somebody else in a wheelchair tells me that a destination, transportation system, or tour operator is good.

sea wolf collage.jpg

So I listened to my fellow four-wheeler Sherri Backstrom when she told me about the Sea Wolf. Captain Kimber Owen had it redesigned to be wheelchair accessible. She should know about that. She used to run a ranch that specialized in horse therapy for people with disabilities and, just to check her instincts, she works with Mike Passo of Elkah Expeditions -- another wheelchair-using outdoor outfitter.

If this works out, I'll have more business for Sherri and her specialty services renting accessible yachts at Waypoint Yacht Charter Services. Of course, first she has wager against me that she will catch the biggest halibut so I either need to practice telling fish stories about "the one that got away" or deliver on my side of the bargain too!

Right now I'm packing (and getting wizards do do some real magic like haul Sea Wolf's home port town of Gustavus to the right latitude and longitude so I can add some favorite places once I discover them.) Then it's out the door at 4 am tomorrow to catch ann Alaska airlines flight that will get us to Juneau and our bush flight to Gustavus at the entrance to Glacier Bay.

Posted by rollingrains at May 24, 2008 08:50 PM