September 01, 2007

Rasha's Petition for Airline Accommodations


Rasha's petition is still flying! 13,000 people have signed her petition for airborne bathroom accessibility. Here she is profiled on the engaging site Kids on Wheels:

The airline industry says it is too expensive to put accessible bathrooms on planes. They claim if they removed enough seats to make room for a large bathroom, they couldn't make enough money to fly the plane.

Rasha's not buying that either. "Then why don't they take out all the restrooms? They could have all seats, no bathrooms, save even more money," she says sarcastically. "If airline people think people who use wheelchairs can fly without using restrooms, then everybody else can fly without them, too, right? Or do they think that because we use wheelchairs, we don't fly on airplanes?"

If they do, Rasha could certainly correct them by citing figures such as these:

American adults with disabilities or reduced mobility currently spend an average of 13.6 billion U.S. dollars a year on tourism. Out of a total of 21 million persons, 69% had traveled at least once in the previous two years, including 3.9 million business trips, 20 million tourist trips, and 4.4 million business/tourist trips. The United States Department of Labor reported that a large and growing market of Americans with disabilities or reduced mobility have 175 billion dollars in purchasing/consumer power.

In the United Kingdom, the Employers’ Forum on Disability estimated 10 million adults with disabilities or reduced mobility in the UK, with an annual purchasing power of 80 billion pounds sterling. The Canadian Conference Board reported that in 2001, the combined annual disposable income of economically active Canadians with disabilities or reduced mobility was 25 billion Canadian dollars.

Armed with that market data for those who want to pursue this campaign with the engineering specs but may need to brush up on the basics may I discretely suggest the Macauley-esque site Toiletology 101

Posted by rollingrains at September 1, 2007 01:55 PM