June 27, 2007

TripCart Spotlights the T-List

TripCart is a fine travel blog. Keith at TripCart has done a great service to travel bloggers by adding some organization to the ever-expanding T[travel]-List. What you see below is his list and code (snatched straight from his site) with a little cleanup to the Portguese language contributions.

BTW, don't miss Keith's brilliant Picture-of-the-Day entries!

We were looking over all of those great blogs on the T-List the other day and realized that the list could use a little re-organization.  There were a few repeats, a few dead sites, and a few sneaky marketers who had managed to get their name on the list.  So now we present you with a new version of the T-List separated by language and category to make it easier to digest.  Please add your own additions and pass it along.  Special thanks to Mathieu at radaron for starting this whole thing back in March.

Travel Blogs in English

General Travel Blogs

Foreign Language Travel Blogs

Portuguese Travel Blogs