June 11, 2007

Hamilton Ontario Works to Make Parks Inclusive

"Hamilton recently adopted a barrier-free design policy that will be used when the city constructs facilities," reports Kevin Werner in a June 8 article in Mountain News. It sounds as if the community has rallied to make itself inviting to Visitors as well as the Home Team:

Before last weekend there was no park within the borders of the city of Hamilton that was accessible to the developmentally challenged.

"When I found that out, it was a shock," said Ward 7 councillor Scott Duvall, shaking his head.

The first term councillor earlier this year was confronted with that stark reality when desperate representatives of the non-profit organization Hamilton Challenger Baseball Association asked for help in seeking a park to allow their developmentally challenged members play baseball.

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Thanks to Aqeel Qureshi for submitting this sory.

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