June 04, 2007

When Green & Universal Design Separate

P. J. Bremier reflects on Marin County, California where green and Universal Design seem have to diverged rather than converged as in so many other parts of the world:

A few years ago, it seemed that universal design was the wave of the future. It was an approach that considered accessibility and safety in homes, especially for seniors and those with impaired mobility.

It made sense not only because of our aging population but because anyone could have a temporarly health problem or injury and have to rely on crutches. And yet home designs with accessibility and safety in mind seem to have been left behind in the energetic response to the worldwide green design movement.

Building green is about saving resources, sensible choices and creating a healthy living environment. But if these large, multistory homes are decked in eco-friendly clothes but don't feature an awareness of the future, they can't serve our generation-spanning population.

Find the rest of the story at Fine Living: Challenges of home design for our aging population

Posted by rollingrains at June 4, 2007 06:48 AM