March 15, 2007

DSQ Forum on Disability Blogs Goes Live Today

Disability Studies Quarterly Logotype

As mentioned on March 13 the latest issue of Disability Studies Quarterly contains a forum on disability blogs. It has gone live today here:

From Stephen Kuusisto's Introduction:

With this issue of Disability Studies Quarterly we want to introduce the blog as a new forum for disability advocacy and public engagement . Writing online is simultaneously brash, phlegmatic, idealistic, dogmatic, creative, reasoned, and vituperative. The blog is at once a forum for seasoned writers even as it offers entrance to public discourse by those who are new to publishing. It is not too optimistic to characterize the blog as an equalizing force when one considers how infrequently disability is discussed as a social construction by the traditional press. In his recent collection of essays Bending Over Backwards, Lennard J. Davis notes that even progressive political journals like The Nation will often refuse to publish editorials or articles that are concerned with disability. Progressive opinion journals are, it would seem, no better at claiming disability than their conservative counterparts.
Posted by rollingrains at March 15, 2007 08:50 PM