February 14, 2007

The Disability Rights Commission's Disability Agenda

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From the UK Disability Rights Commission. No top-level agenda item on Inclusive Destination Development:

The Disability Rights Commission today launched the Disability Agenda, which sets out the major challenges for public policy in respect of disabled people and their families and recommendations for how to meet them.

Speaking at the launch of the Agenda, Sir Bert Massie, DRC's Chairman said: "The positive developments of the last decade have undoubtedly helped to create a more open road for disabled people to be and do the things they want to in life.

But at the same time the public services, resources and support many require to take up these new opportunities have either not materialised, remain at odds with these goals or have gone into decline.

Many disabled people have been invited to look up to the stars, only to find the ground opening up beneath them.

And this is why, just as the DRC has offered leadership during the last decade, so with the launch of today's Disability Agenda we are seeking to offer leadership for the next.

It proposes reform and investment in our public services founded upon the principles of dignity and respect and delivering the means for people to participate and achieve their potential and to secure a healthy and prosperous life.

And importantly it is also about refreshing our approach to disability equality fit for a new era of leadership from the Commission for Equality and Human Rights".

Visit the Disability Agenda website to read the speech in full.

You can also read our ten priorities for reform on the Disability Agenda website:

Promoting a culture of equality and human rights

Bringing an end to child poverty

Increasing life chances through learning and skills

Ending poverty and widening employment opportunity

Increasing democratic participation and active citizenship

Developing a social care system fit for the future

Tackling health inequalities

Meeting the future housing challenge in England and Wales

Meeting the future housing challenge in Scotland

Building stronger, safer communities

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