February 12, 2007

The Shape of Travel (and Travelers)

Here's the emerging wisdom about travel as quoted from Doug Macarthur at the Globe and Mail:

Eventually the sheer volume of travelling grannies and grandpas may lead to massive crowding at popular destinations, entry restrictions at fragile historic monuments and higher accommodation prices as the pool of cheap labour dries up.

In the meantime, a new generation of healthy, affluent, active and curious seniors is launched for take-off to the far corners of the globe. Just don't call them seniors, elderly or old.

Of course he goes on to note...

Have wheelchair, will travel

The number of disabled travellers is growing as boomers become seniors, says James Glasbergen, director of accessible travel with World on Wheelz, a division of Frederick Travel in Waterloo, Ont. At the same time, facilities for the disabled are becoming available even in exotic locales. The company arranges independent and small-group tours for people of all ages with special needs. It even does safaris in South Africa and tours to Egypt's pyramids. It can also arrange for oxygen and for rentals of wheelchairs, bed lifts and scooters.



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