February 03, 2007

DPI - Korea and the Taipei Plan of Action for Accessible Tourism


As I research for a trip to Korea in May I found this page with news bits at the DPI site. Disabled People's International (DPI) has a national office in Korea. It was formed in 1986.

DPI-Korea will host international delegates at their conference on the United Nations Convention on the Human Rights of People with Disabilities (CRPD). At the moment there seems to be nothing on the site about Inclusive Travel but they are an accomplished and dynamic organization. I don't expect that oversight to continue for long.

Meanwhile, in Thailand, discussions are underway that may lead to the next International Accessible Tourism Conference. The last one was in Taipei in May of 2005. Information is beng shared throughout Asia on what constitutes barriers to travel and how to make tourism more accessible.

Can Korea use that momentum to take a leading role by creating the policies and infrastructure to increase hospitality for its own senior and disabled population as part of an outreach to gain market share of the growing international group of traveling seniors and people with disabilities?

Here is one of the opening presentations.

Here is the conference document the Taipei Plan of Action for Accessible Tourism.

As I wander the Web gleaning information on visiting Korea I will take some time to explore Pusan Web.

Posted by rollingrains at February 3, 2007 05:10 AM