February 02, 2007

The Market That is Driving Universal Design

UD Remodel.jpg

General Electric sells kitchen appliances. Here is a quote from one of their advertorials explaining why they see Universal Design as good business:

It's no secret that America is growing older. In fact, more than half of Americans expect to have elder care responsibilities within the next 10 years. Today, there are more than 48 million people with some type of disability - one in seven has some form of arthritis, and 18 million are visually impaired. That means more people will be searching for more user-friendly appliances and performing home and kitchen renovations to help make their lives easier.

Universal Design is a design concept that utilizes products and spaces in a home to make the area useable to all people, including those with varied abilities and the elderly. Toward that end, GE Consumer & Industrial offers a wide range of appliances that accommodate a variety of needs, including more than 100 models that are compliant with the Americans


Chuck Oakes has a book with s ome practical ideas: Make your Home Senior Friendly

Rosemarie Rosseti takes it the next step with some articles describing her Universal Design makeovers in this post to United Spinal's Action Online bolg, Accessible Home.

Will these same simple observations about human comfort be adopted by extended stay hotels and laundromats used by travelers now that it has become standard in private homes?

Posted by rollingrains at February 2, 2007 12:32 PM