January 24, 2007

George Braddock & Creative Housing Solutions

George Braddock, a general contractor whose business, Creative Housing Solutions, has done about 1,500 projects for people with disabilities.

"The disability movement had an advantage because it was so 'cross-cultural,' " Braddock says. "Disabilities can affect anyone at any time and at any level, and as a result it has attracted a fair amount of resources."

That attention intensified after 1990, when Congress passed the Americans with Disabilities Act, to prohibit discrimination in employment and public accommodation against people with disabilities.

"The ADA deserves a huge amount of credit for forcing the disabilities issue, but it's just a stepping stone," between public policy and the broader accommodations that allow disabled people to remain in their own homes, Braddock says.

Architectural and technological innovations developed especially to assist people with severe physical or mental disabilities also are finding new application in the "aging in place" movement that allows the elderly to remain in their own homes far longer than might have been possible just a few years ago, he says.

Posted by rollingrains at January 24, 2007 09:49 PM