November 01, 2006

Connections 4 All


Polibea Turismo is an important global voice for Inclusive Tourism. Based in Spain their travel and tourism advocacy grew from their established work serving the broader needs of people with disabilities.

Here is an announcement of CTCNet's Connections for All training and grant program. It is specifically targeted to Community Technology Centers (CTCs) that hope to better serve people with disabilities but I include it here on the principle that there may be CTCs in the US poised to make a contribution to the travel & leisure information needs of people with disabilities -- maybe something on the order of Polibea's excellent publication.

The centerpiece of the C4All program is the Accessibility Grant. Following a competitive grant application process in early spring 2007, CTCNet will award 14 organizations with $20,000 Accessibility Grants. Funding can be used to address issues in the areas of assistive technology, staff training and development, community outreach, program enhancement, and facilities improvements. Also included is 30 hours of technical assistance from the Alliance for Technology Access (ATA).

The AccessNow Award is another way that C4All can help your CTC expand access. These $1000 awards allow CTCs to quickly implement simple and cost-effective measures to make programs more inviting and accessible to people with a broad range of abilities.

To be eligible for these funding opportunities, you must attend a C4All Accessibility Institute. Offered in 10 cities in 7 different states, these trainings are a valuable way to learn how to assess, plan for, and implement strategies to make your CTC more accessible, and they are an important step in preparing for the grant application process.

Visit for more information about funding eligibility, as well as Institute locations and schedule.

Posted by rollingrains at November 1, 2006 02:36 PM