August 12, 2006

Deaf Cruise 2007

As editor I will be the first to admit that the Rolling Rains Report can improve as a resource for the deaf community. In that spirit I would like to announce Deaf Cruise 2007 and invite emails on other items of note.

Deaf Cruise

The cruise selction looks great - South America, Hawai'i, and Alaska coming up. See Deaf Cruise

Thinking about going on a Cruise Vacation?

Below are the plans we have for our Deaf Cruise 2007!

1. South America Feb 25th through March 11th 2007. (HOT and EXOTIC VACATION!!!)

2. Hawaii 2007 August 19th through August 26th 2007. (POPULAR CHOICE!!!)

3. Alaska 2007 September 2007 (more specific date wil be announced soon).

Order online at and secure your room in 15 minutes with small money deposit! That's easy and fast. No more waiting!

Take action:

1. Go to

2. Look at right column for 3 offers: South America 2007, Hawaii 2007, and Alaska 2007 (coming out soon).

3. Start order and get your room before someone takes your room!

4. Start packing vacation for 2007!

5. Start emaiing to your friends!

If you have any question about this above, please contact us at


Posted by rollingrains at August 12, 2006 03:29 PM