July 11, 2006

Toward a Global History of Inclusive Travel

The publication of the special forum on travel, disability, and Universal Design in the Review of Disability Studies marks the first sustained look at travel and tourism through the lens of Disability Studies. Below is an abstract of the lead article, "Toward a Global History of Inclusive Travel." The entire work is available the Review of Disability Studies.

With the project of a global chronicle of the development of inclusive travel underway through the work of Laurel Van Horn and José Isola I invite Rolling Rains Readers to submit comments, updates, and contributions of their own.

Toward a Global History of Inclusive Travel

Laurel Van Horn, M.A.
Open Doors Organization

José Isola, President
Peruvian Polio Society


This paper provides an overview of
the development of inclusive travel and tourism,
from its origins in the United States and Europe
following World War I and II to its current status
as an increasingly important and viable move-
ment worldwide. The paper investigates the key
roles played by disability organizations, disabili-
ty rights legislation, technological change, inter-
national organizations and pioneers within the
travel and tourism industry. Developments are
described sector by sector for air travel, ground
transport, the cruise lines and the hospitality in-
dustry. While the primary historical focus is the
U.S., the paper also highlights advances taking
place in Dubai, Egypt, India, Japan, South Af-
rica, Thailand and other countries. It concludes
with a case study by José Isola of the develop-
ment of inclusive travel in Peru. Mr. Isola also
describes disability conferences that took place
in South America in 2004. It is hoped others
will begin to investigate the development of in-
clusive travel in their own countries and regions
and contribute to a truly global history.

Key Words:

inclusive travel, disability move-
ment history, accessible travel

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