July 03, 2006

Lithia Park Provides Wildlife Adventures

From the Oregon Shakespeare Festival Box Office, safely above Lithia Park, the ticket sellers attend to playgoers sometimes offering friendly advice, "Watch out for the bear in Lithia Park."

The first time I was here - recently sprung from the hospital by my best friends from high school - the strategy for deterring overnight camping in the creekside park was signs. Now they seem to have turned over enforcement to the forces of nature!

We saw no bears. Then again, we did stop meandering the trails of Lithia Park before curfew having experienced the terrifyingly convincing bear growl during the death of Camillo during the matinee performance of "A Winter's Tale" in the Angus Bowman Theater. I wonder where they got that recording?

Along the creekside path, behind the business district, artisans show their wares on weekends. Dan Elster's wildlife photography was stunning.

It was not so much the array of North American wildlife he has captured but the composition. Every piece that he had on display in his booth contained some element of drama - one wing akimbo as a hawk stretched on its persh, one foot held mid-step as an egret stands fishing, eight pelicans overhead on a telephone wire.

See his work, and read his philosophy at Elster Photography.

Posted by rollingrains at July 3, 2006 03:32 PM