May 14, 2006

Still Time for Stuttgart and the Mercedes-Benz Museum Opening

If you are able to get to the May 18, 2006 opening of the the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart the staff there is certain you will find it wheelchair-friendly. notes:

The seven Legend rooms, which guide visitors through the history of the automobile and its times in chronological order, are linked by an around 80-metre long, smooth ramp. This is designed to be equally convenient for the handicapped, with numerous imperceptible transitions to level sections so that wheelchair users are safely and comfortably conducted through the building. With the exception of the first and last, which are devoted to the invention of the automobile and motor racing history, all the Legend rooms are laid out on the same principles: along the outside of a curved, clover-leaf wall, the ramp sweeps down to the vehicle display in its historical context. While the visitor is already able to see down to the exhibits, a chronological table on the left wall illustrates events in corporate history in the light of their historical period. This gallery shows the background against which epoch-making innovations in automobile engineering were made.


Posted by rollingrains at May 14, 2006 10:52 PM