May 15, 2006

The Swedish Institute and Inclusive Destination Development

Special thanks are in order to freelance journalist Helena Bornholm and the Swedish Institute for the article "Sweden – Accessible to all Tourists."

Even more encouraging is the news Helena reports on destination development:

Six years ago, the Swedish Parliament resolved to make Sweden accessible to everyone. Building laws were tightened and tougher requirements were imposed on both official and private bodies to create accessible milieus. In short, the demands are meant to “simply eliminate obstacles in official premises and public spaces.” They are expected to be in place by 2010 at the latest...

The city of Stockholm has begun an accessibility project, which is actively working to make street environments accessible and easy to navigate for persons with mobility impairments.

Let's hope the slow start means that extensive planning and resources have been allocated to make this a success.


Posted by rollingrains at May 15, 2006 09:39 PM