February 21, 2006

Tagged with the Barrierfreiheit Meme

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I struggle to translate Christiane Link's site, Behindertenparkplatz, every time my Google Alerts send me a note that there is something there that I would appreciate -- if only I had not forgotten all my college German.

Maybe it was listening to the German resonances in the Yiddish dialogue of Mark Harelik's touching play The Immigran at the San Jose Repertory Theater last night but probably it was the fact that Katja Stokely translated the challenge but I gave it another try.

Here is her invitation (in German) and my response in English.

Vier Jobs in meinem Leben
(Four jobs in my life):
Ranch Hand
Hospital Chaplain
Travel Writer

Vier Filme, die ich immer wieder sehen kann
(Four films that I could watch over and over):
Good Morning Vietnam
Der Name der Rose (The Name of the Rose)
Bye Bye Brasil
Bambi Meets Godzilla

Vier Orte, an denen ich gelebt habe
(Four places I have lived):
Chapel Hill, NC, USA
Ouro Preto, MG, Brasil
Douglas, WY, USA
Guatemala City, Zona Diez, Guatemala

Vier TV-Serien, die ich sehr gern sehe

(Four TV series I like):
West Wing
Monty Python's Flying Circus
Star Trek

Vier Orte, an denen ich Urlaub gemacht habe
(Four places I’ve been on vacation):
Massacre Rocks, ID, USA
Porto Galinha, Pernambuco, Brasil
Medzibrodie nad Oravou, Slovakia (Say "Ahoy" to mayor Michal Janota if you visit.)
Bowron Lakes Provincial Park, BC, Canada (Nota Bene: Isaac Lake is like a windtunnel in a prevailing northerwesterly!)

Vier meiner Lieblingsgerichte
(Four foods I love):
Paprikash (Paprikose)
Cougar Gold Cheese

Vier Webseiten, die ich täglich besuche
(Four websites I visit daily):
Emerging Horizons
und offensichtlich, Google (Find it yourself ;-)

Vier Orte, wo ich jetzt lieber wäre
(Four places I’d rather be right now):
Browning, MT, USA (Blackfeet Nation)
Pattaya, Thailand
Abergavenny, Wales
Rottnest Island, Perth, WA, Australia

Vier Blogger, die das mitmachen sollen
(Four bloggers who should play):
Candy HarringtonEmerging Horizons
Jorge GobbiBlog de Viajes
Darren Hillock Get Around Guide
Damon RoseBBC Ouch!

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