February 11, 2006

Ununterbrochene Servicekette

I never know that I wanted "ununterbrochene Servicekette" until I read Hartmut Smikac's comment in Polibea Turismo. Harmut is Director of the Nationale Koordinationsstelle Tourismus für Alle in Duesseldorf, Germany.

He exlplains,

We demand the "ununterbrochene Servicekette" (unbroken accessible service chain) in Germany . The heart of the idea of the "unbroken accessible service chain" is to offer accessible circumstances from information about destinations and venues over places of arrival, accommodation, visiting sights, museums, restaurants and so on, till departure. Visitors would expect an as far as possible unbroken chain of accessible hotels, restaurants, sights and attractions till the possibility to go for a stroll through streets and shops of a town.


Contact information:

Hartmut Smikac

Fachlicher Beirat
Nationale Koordinationsstelle Tourismus für Alle
Kirchfeldstrasse 149
D - 40215 Duesseldorf

Posted by rollingrains at February 11, 2006 04:54 PM