January 21, 2006

Pioneer in the Practice of Inclusive Destination Development

From the Santa Cruz Good Times:

It’s noon on an overcast Monday, and a handful of customers sip coffee and tea as they tap away at their iMacs, while on the other side of the cavernous room, several people haul in materials for a new art exhibit. The Attic, which sits above the Blue Lagoon nightclub, is a blend of three of Quigg’s interests—real estate, accessibility and art. The Attic has already made a significant contribution to the growing art scene in Santa Cruz. But, if Quigg is as successful with his planned housing projects as he is with The Attic, and, if they are built at the same pace that they are being planned, his efforts could have a decent impact on affordable housing in Santa Cruz, and a significant one for the disabled community.

As Quigg calmly commands his wheelchair across the room, he gives off an air that is both assured and unpretentious. He has the eyes of someone with only half his attention focused on the outside world, the other half committed to inner contemplation; like a professor during finals, or a writer with a block. It is hardly surprising that Quigg appears preoccupied. His new company, Easy Access Developers, is currently either building or waiting to build eight different projects in Santa Cruz, which will altogether total 88 housing units, almost all of which are affordable and wheelchair-accessible.

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