November 29, 2005

Las Orquideas: Chile's First Wheelchair Accessible Multi-Sensory Nature Trail

Tactile interpretive nature display in Chile

Chile's Lago Pe�uelas National Park now has a thoughtfully designed trail and interpretive system that users are acclaiming.

The wheelchair accessible trail has nine bridges, two pergolas, numerous rest spots, and signage in Braille. Similar to the approach taken by Coco Raynes in various Columbian museums the site provides replicas and bass relief representations of the local fauna for those with visual impairments.

Congratulations to Andrea Rojas, alumna of the Ecotourism School at the Universidad Andr�s Bello for her visionary work that drove this project! Here again is Latin America implementing the Rio Charter on Universal Design for Sustainable Inclusive Development.

Turismo para Todos en la Reserva Nacional Lago Pe�uelas (in Spanish)

La Declaracion de Rio de Janero

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