October 23, 2005

Korea Discovers a Special Niche in Tourism?

It is no secret among wheelchair users that finding accessibile public restrooms can require an inordinate amount of time, energy, and logistical preparation. To use a popular geek quote entirely out of context, "Findability preceedes usability." Both, however, are essential - and most often urgently so when traveling.

So Korea's "Public Restrooms Law" and the "Citizens Coalition for Restroom Culture" may be the wave of the future -- ostentatiously beautiful and pleasant restroom. Kitchen & Bath Remodeling Specialists take note! The change in Korea has certainly been dramatic:

Until five or six years ago, the state of Korean toilets was so bad that guide books commonly suggested tourists take care of business ahead of time at a hotel or department store to avoid being forced to use a public convenience. But progress will stop at nothing.

The article does not say whether or not Korea's new parthenon's of privy culture are accessible.



Posted by rollingrains at October 23, 2005 05:52 PM