October 02, 2005

As New Orleans Rebuilds

New Orleans Mayor Mayor C. Ray Nagin announced a 17-member commission to advise on the reconstruction of New Orleans. The "Bring Back New Orleans Commission" is approximately 50% black and 50% white - with one Latino member. None have been identified as having disabilities and no member represents the tourism industry. The latter point was raised as a concern by J. Stephen Perry, president of the New Orleans Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Mr. Perry was among those expressing disappointment that neither he nor any other representative of the tourism industry was being granted a place on the commission, though restaurants, hotels and the entertainment sector account for 81,000 jobs in a city of roughly 450,000, according to data provided by the visitors bureau.

That was heartening news, however, for those locals who had feared that efforts to rebuild New Orleans would emphasize tourism at the expense of its other industries, including shipbuilding, oil and gas, and medical research.

NY Times, New Orleans Forms a Panel on Renewal

The Bring New Orleans Back Commission members are: Co-Chairs Mel Lagarde and Barbara Major, Boysie Bollinger, Kim Boyle, Cesar Burgos, Joe Canizaro, Doctor Scott Cowen, Archbishop Alfred Hughes, Reverend Fred Luter, Wynton Marsalis, Alden McDonald, Dan Packer, Anthony Patton, Jimmy Reiss, Gary Solomon, Oliver Thomas and David White.

Source: http://www.klfy.com/Global/story.asp?S=3922218

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