October 01, 2005

Visiting New Dehli? Eat at Nirula's!

Eat at Nirulas!

Aqeel Qureshi an Indian disability and inclusive tourism activist writes, "Changing the environment, persons with disabilities can also help themselves by helping the persons with disabilities." Aqeel was also a participant in the May 2005 International Conference on Accessible Tourism in Taipei, Taiwan.

Read his encouraging note below.

Nirula’s has created a ramp at Nirula’s Restaurant, Yusuf Sarai Community
Centre, New Delhi.

From the last 45 days, we were continuously asking Shri Gautam Kamra, Manager, Nirula’s to provide a ramp for persons with disabilities. We had made written request to the Manager; Nirula’s to make accessible path for persons with disabilities. I was keep asking and pushing Nirula’s Manager to make services for persons with disabilities. The Manger of Nirula’s is a very sensitive towards disabilities. They recently constructed a ramp at their premises for persons with disabilities. This ramp will also help us to access other places like Jet Airways office, PNB Bank, Music Shop etc. I am so happy to see Nirula’s has constructed a ramp for persons with disabilities. He asked me to give some tips and advice to make Nirula’s more accessible for persons with disabilities.

I always get so scared when 4 people lifted me up. I have too often seen
that persons with disabilities are vulnerable. Whether we are stuck in a
home or denied access to places, we are often left out of the mainstream.

Who is going to change this state of affairs? It has to be us. Persons with
Disabilities have to gain power and make change with the help of same-minded
persons. I do not think we can’t do it, WE CAN DO IT! What I learned from
this "we can do it", if we continue pushing or asking for our rights. I
never thought they could make it quickly. I am so thankful to Nirula’s
Manager for listening me and they really deserve appreciation. They really
did a wonderful job.

We can change how society treats us because of our disabilities. We can
redress the lack of rights. We can work to eliminate the barriers,
stereotyping, the looks & the exclusion. The discrimination for persons with
disabilities continued in the society. I realized that we are not serving
our community’s goals. If we are without a political goal, a strategy for
changing the environment otherwise we will continue to suffer.

I want society to be structured fairly to persons with disabilities. It’s
society—our laws, customs, and norms that will change. We have to go far to
change the Indian Environment, where persons with disabilities can live in
the society with integrity & dignity.

Aqeel Qureshi

Posted by rollingrains at October 1, 2005 12:11 AM