November 12, 2005

Accessible Taxis

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON--The following four paragraphs are excerpts from a recent story in the Seattle Times via Inclusion Daily Express:

Getting to a business meeting, the mall, a Seahawks game or even to a restaurant for a date with his wife, Emily, often means a long bus ride for Michael Rogers of Kenmore, and for many other wheelchair users in the Seattle area.

Not so in Portland, where at least two taxicab companies offer wheelchair-accessible cabs.

While visiting there, Rogers and his wife, who both have cerebral palsy, enjoyed something many able-bodied people take for granted: the ability to be spontaneous and not live life according to a timetable.

The trip spurred him to begin lobbying the Metropolitan King County Council last year to bring accessible cabs here. And to his delight, the council this week unanimously approved a new wheelchair-accessible taxi demonstration project to begin in the spring.

"I look forward to taking Emily on a date without having to wonder what time it is on a bus schedule," Rogers said. "It's like now we're in control instead of some clock."

Rogers Lobbies City For Accessible Taxis
September 19, 2005

Entire article:

"Wheelchair cabs headed here" (Seattle Times)

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