August 23, 2005

Caroline Walsh @ Access to Marine Conservation for All International

Caroline Walsh has established Access to Marine Conservation for All International (AMCA). While the Handicapped SCUBA Association (HSA) focuses on training divers and dive instructors, AMCA has a research and conservation orientation that is unique in advocating inclusion. As many divers with disabilities are quick to point out, the water environment is a great equalizer.

AMCA International is a non-profit charitable organisation, who's goal is to maximise and utilise through specific training, the untapped human resources of the growing number of disabled SCUBA divers who desire to become active stakeholders in the protection of marine environment.

The purpose of AMCAI is to encourage all to be involved in the marine environment. Through AMCAI methods and expertise we shall have enabled those that are physically challenged to fully participate in marine conservation.

Our Aims and objectives include:

  • To adapt/implement adapted international protocols. These adapted protocols will take into consideration the physical constraints of some divers while maintaining scientific soundness of the procedure.

  • To establish a core of instructors who can train physically challenged persons to participate in Marine Conservation.

  • To establish a core of physically challenged divers interested in participating in Marine Conservation.

  • To adapt and implement marine protocols to make them accessible to all regardless of physical ability.

  • To undertake quantitative evaluation of the baseline surveys AMCAI conduct.

  • To add to authoritative manuals.

  • To undertake quantitative evaluation of new adapted protocols in comparisons with original protocol.

  • To set up dive surveys to identify and record indicator species specific to the marine environment in identified location.

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