August 19, 2005

Germany: National Coordinating Office Tourism for All

For those who know German there is an online resource for inclusive tourism in the country. Here is a description from the website:

To make traveling easier for the handicapped, in the fall of 2000 the National Coordinating Office Tourism for All (Nationale Koordinationsstelle Tourismus für Alle e.V., NatKo for short), was founded. It links up lobbying campaigns on “barrier-free travel” and assists tour operators in planning appropriate vacation offerings.

The website of the association, at, describes its work and that of its member associations. An extensive link list, numerous reading tips and an overview of advice centers offers practical assistance when planning a trip. At irregular intervals the Natko online magazine informs about current developments and travel offers.

Posted by rollingrains at August 19, 2005 04:35 PM