June 19, 2005

Cuter Than a Bug - and Coming to Santa Cruz, California!


O.K., Vexel Quovis is coming to the USA...but what is it?

I'll tell you as soon as I drive one.

And you can find out, when you see it firsthand, at the next Inclusive Destination Development event in Santa Cruz County, California -- the 13th annual Day on the Beach

Other Inclusive Destination Development events in Santa Cruz County, California:

Day In The Sky

Taskforce for the Movement Toward Universal Design in Santa Cruz County

But don't miss the chance for a sneak peak at the Vexel Quovis on Saturday July 16, 2005 at Cowell Beach, in Santa Cruz, California.

Quovis Image

Posted by rollingrains at June 19, 2005 06:04 PM