May 21, 2005

DubaiLand: But will it be UD?

The United Arab Emirates has a good word-of-mouth reputatiion as a barrier-free destination. With "Dubailand" on the books we will see whether or not investers in Dubailand have a systemic commitment to inclusion for people with disabilities.

Dubailand: the amazing tourist future of the Emirate
7 March 2005

Dubailand is a tourism, entertainment and leisure destination that should attract 15 million tourists to Dubai by the year 2010.

The work on Dubailand started long before its announcement date in 2003 with a complete plan to develop over 2 billion sq.ft in size with 45 mega projects and 200 sub-projects. The first phase investment from the private sector of approximately is now 5 billion euros. Six projects will finish by 2007 forming the 1st operational phase of Dubailand, with the ending phases following suit and completing in 2015-2018.

Dubailand has been sub-divided in to six zones to effectively manage the development and ensure that the growth is balanced in all of the zones. The most impressive will be:

-Attractions and Experience World – 145 million sq.ft - a world of vibrant characters, with its theme parks clustered around a landmark viewing tower and forming a “must see” attraction.
-Retail & Entertainment World – 45 million sq.ft - The development’s energy center, a vibrant destination of family entertainment and innovative retail concepts in a themed environment.
-Themed Leisure and Vacation World – 311 million sq.ft - The creation of appealing retreats for meeting the international demand for quality vacation village residences and resort hotels.
-Eco Tourism World – 806 million sq.ft – An area devoted to preserving the desert heritage of Dubai and creating a habitat for animals from the region to be showcased in their elements.
-Sports and Outdoor World - 206 million sq.ft - A stimulating arena of outdoor sports activities and mild adventure which responds to a strong and broad market interest amongst both residents and visitors.
-Downtown – 5.66 million sq.ft - A gateway to the overall development centered in Dubailand and forming the resort’s downtown, business and administrative district.

The main concept of Dubailand is one of kind in this region, however there are a few projects that have been launched that are quite interesting for this part of the world, particularly the Sunny Mountain Ski Resort project which will contain the first indoor skiing facility in the region.


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