May 05, 2005

Taiwan Conference on Inclusive Tourism: Takayama City, Japan

Quietly, "A town comfortable to live in is a town comfortable to travel in" has been the ideology leavening a new phase of Inclusive Destination Development.

During the Accessible Tourism Conference, Ms. Etsuko Ueno will deliver a report by Mr. Makoto Yamamoto on the town of Takayama City, Japan. (It has the geographic footprint of Tokyo and the charm of a village - what is the right word for it?).

In the central region of Japan with mountains, traditional crafts, and an imposing castle, Takayama presents a fascinating multi-use case study on Universal Design in city and regional planning. Here we have living examples of solutions that preserve cultural integrity; facilitate aging-in-place; manifest environmental sensitivity; and promote inclusive tourism.

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Posted by rollingrains at May 5, 2005 11:40 PM