March 26, 2005

Taiwan: International Class Inclusive Tourism Conference

Taiwan has done it!

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Congratulations to Eden Social Welfare Foundation in Taipei for organizing the first international conference devoted entirely to inclusive travel.

Yes, technically there have been several national conferences that have had regional or international participation. The European Union took an early lead with Tourism for All and still maintains a sophisticated intellectual infrastructure for promoting inclusive travel - allowing specialized programs such as I mentioned yesterday.

But the 2005 International Accessible Tourism Conference in Taipei, Taiwan on 5-8 May is international by design. In fact, it marks the launch of a pan-Asian association for the development of inclusive tourism practice.

The organizers seem to have covered all the bases necessary to insure a sustainable impact on tourism practice. Backed by an truly impressive array of government, NGO, educational, and industry representatives, Eden Social Welfare Foundation, together with the Asia Pacific Disability Forum, has formed the Asia Pacific Accessible Tourism League (APATL).

See the conference and APTL web site at:

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