December 02, 2004

A Disability Policy Primer for Funders

In the travel and hospitality field service is paramount. In order to provide quality service it is important to know what customers want and what they need.

Paradoxically, a misplaced certitude about your customer can be a major cause of difficulty. It is an obstacle to customer satisfaction. Quite simply it is prejudice.

The conundrum is the fact the temporarily able-bodied persons (TABs) do not know that they do not know what customers with disabilities want and need.

Of course, there is no one answer for all people with disabilities - not even for all people sharing the same disability. People are individuals. But there are certain widely held world-views -- some would say cultures -- among people with disabilities. Those who provide travel and hospitality services to this market must be familiar with them as part of the basic set of cultural competencies necessary to work oin today's world.

One article that provides a good explanation of the history and texture of the disability community in the US is found at the Disability Funders Network. It is entitled, and is well worth reading.

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