February 13, 2005

Open Comment Period: Proposed Air Carrier Access Act

If you wish to review and comment on proposals to the Air Carriers Act, which has a profound affect on air transport accessibility, keep in mind that the comment period closes on March 4, 2005.

From Ragged Edge Magazine:

"WASHINGTON, DC, Feb. 10, 2005-- In November, the
Department of Transportation proposed updated rules
for the Air Carrier Access Act. The proposed update
addresses nondiscrimination requirements of foreign
air carriers, requires airline websites to be
accessible to persons with impaired vision
, and
"generally updates and improves the organization of
the existing regulation," according to DOT. (Read the
proposed rule, in accessible text format).

"DOT has now extended the comment period through March
4, 2005. Activists submitting comments say the
proposed rules still do not require accessible
restrooms on enough aircraft, still don't provide
enough leg room for people with service animals; still
discriminate against deaf travelers. If you need more
room than provided by current seating, you must pay
extra. The proposed rules would continue as well to
exempt airports themselves from the Americans with
Disabilities Act requirements; things that fall under
the Air Carrier Access Act have fewer requirements
than those under the ADA. And this is just a small
sampling of problems. Others include inaccessible
websites -- people thus prevented from buying cheaper
online tickets are penalized.

For the full article see Ragged Edge Magazine

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