January 22, 2005

2004 Rio Declaration on Sustainable Social Development, Disability & Ageing

C.J. Walsh of Sustainable Design International was a keynote speaker at Designing foir the 21st century III in Rio de Janeiro this past December. His address and a paradigm-shifting document known as the 2004 Rio Declaration on Sustainable Social Development, Disability & Ageing are now available through his web site.

Some specific objectives for the 2004 Rio Declaration were as follows ...

  • To present a 2nd Generation Definition of Sustainable Development which is more acceptable to the Developing World
  • To restore primacy to the Social Aspects of Sustainable Development
    and particularly the ethical values of Social Justice, Solidarity and Inclusion-for-All
  • To embed the concept of the 'Person' in Sustainable Development rather than the fleeting reference to 'People' which too often results in Disadvantaged, Vulnerable and Indigenous Groups being left behind
  • To signal one of the main challenges of Sustainable Development ahead - which will be to establish a framework of horizontal co-ordination at the many institutional levels and between the many actors and end users in the human environment.
  • Adopted in December 2004, at the Brazil Designing for the 21st Century III Conference, the Rio Declaration consists of a Preamble, 10 Principles and 5 Appendices; its central concern involves People with Activity Limitations.

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