October 21, 2004

RISD & a Barrier Free Eco-Lodge

I have just returned home from the Rhode Island School of Design and a day with the remarkable students of the advanced inter-disciplinary Fall 04 design studio, An Inclusive 21st Century Resort, offered through the Industrial Design Department at Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) and co-taught by Kat Darula and Rosanne Ramos.

As Advisor to the course I delivered a lecture "Univeral Design 2005: Inventing inclusive Travel." But the highlight of the day was critiquing the design studio where students reported on their recent visit to Estate Concordia -- the barrier free eco-resort mentioned in a previous post.

Watch for future announcement of the participation of Kat Darula and Rosanne Ramos in the Rio de Janeiro Conference , "Universal Design and the International Travel & Hospitality Industry."

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