November 19, 2004

Scott Rains @ Shizuoka Universal Design Exhibition in Hamamatsu, Japan

Rolling Rains editor, Scott Rains will be keynote speaker at the Shizuoka Universal Design Meeting and Exhibition in Hamamatsu, Japan on Friday 17th December, 2004.

The event is jointly hosted and organized by the Shizuoka Prefecture, the City of Hamamatsu, and the Shizuoka University of Art and Culture.

The keynote lecture will be followed by a presentation by Dr Satoshi Kose, one of Japan's foremost exponents of Universal Design.

Dr. Rains will speak from his expertise on accessible travel, and include a report on the third International Conference on UD in Rio de Janeiro (Designing for the 21st Century III), as well as highlight the most recent developments on UD in the States.

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