October 29, 2004

Beyond Boundaries: Adventure Survival Series Challenging Preconceptions About Disability

Here's a test of the inclusive travel paradigm!

Do you want to take part in an adventure survival TV series?

Diverse World TV is looking for 8 disabled people to film on a unique, once in a lifetime expedition across Nicaragua.


The objective is simple; to get from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean. Interested? Read on:

Your start point will be the rainforests of the Mosquito Coast, your finish line, the surf of the Pacific. You have four weeks, seven other team members and a range of specialist equipment at your disposal. The terrain will be extreme. To succeed you will have to have ford swollen rivers, cut through dense undergrowth, rappel across waterfalls, climb active volcanoes and cross the second largest lake in Latin America. As if this is not enough to contend with, Nicaragua is also home to crocodiles, anacondas and the world’s only species of freshwater shark!

We are looking for amazing people to take on an amazing task. If you feel you are up to the challenge of a 200 mile coast-to-coast trek, are 18 or over and can spare four weeks in February 2005 then please contact Matt Ward on: production@diverseworld.tv , tel: 01179 856 972, fax: 01179 856 931 for more details.

Deadline: December 2004

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