September 19, 2004

NICAN 2004: Day 1 - Evening

We're off!

The buzz began with the cocktail party launching the program last night. (Australia is worth visiting just for the wine!)

My host, Amanda Hunt, called us to order and launched an event that has been months in the making. Mary Guy, president of NICAN welcomed us briefly then sent us off to mingle, taste Aussie wine, and network.

And network we did!

Justin Lunn, an unstoppable outdoorsman and charming rapscallian of mythic proportions regaled me with stories. His work developing tourism using all terrain vehicles is exciting.

Mark Bagshaw of IBM will be one of the keynoters and had loads of stories to tell about traveling in his wheelchair. Poor guy. He can't stay for the whole conference. has to run off to Rome and all.

Ron Cittall pulled out his "Travel Writer and Consultant" card when I began to talk about the opportunities for writers at Suite I'd love to see him wrie about his travels with his wife Jenny who has MS.

Tanya Packer of Curtin University of Technology sidled up to touch base with the other academic in the crowd - me. I can see that we have hours more conversation ahead.

There were more projects and plans and yarn spinners per square foot in that party than anywhere I've been in a long time.

Congratulations to the event organizers for creating such a valuable gathering!

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