August 26, 2004

ADA Compliance Gets Some Style!

Forgive the pun but the market is maturing for universally designed products.

Here is a well-presented story from Contractor Magazine. The author, Wliiam Atkinson, reports that best practices in marketing ADA-compliant, universal design sensitve products avoid triggering disability aversion by focusing on style and comfort -- and they seem to be working!:

From Sterile to Stylish

ADA-compliant bathroom products now target the majority of your customers.


When one thinks of ADA compliant bathroom fixtures and accessories, the word "sterile" usually comes to mind. These days, however, stylish is replacing sterile. And it's not because companies are trying to market stylish fixtures exclusively to disabled people.

Rather, they are targeting mainstream consumers of all ages with their ADA-compliant offerings and not even mentioning the fact that the products happen to meet the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act. The strategy is working so well that it may not be long before the majority of new-construction bathrooms are outfitted with ADA-compliant fixtures.

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