August 24, 2004

Rasha Kawar @ UCP

By the time I got to Rasha's petition for accessible bathrooms on airplanes more than 10,000 people had signed already!
Here is a link to the petition

And here is the text of the petition:


To: Responsible officials of federal, state, and international regulatory agencies, U.S. President , U.S. Congress and the responsible executives of airline companies and airplane manufacturers

Hi! My name is Rasha Kawar and I am nine years old. I’m a third grader in a regular classroom in Coppell, Texas and I have lots of friends. I drive a cool power wheelchair. Every year I go with Mom to Israel to visit my two Grandmas and cousins. Last summer on our flight back, I really needed to use the restroom, but it was too small and I mean really, really small . . . like maybe the size of a rocking chair. It was so hard for Mom and me to fit in it together because I needed her help. I hit my head maybe one hundred times, maybe more, and it really hurt a lot. I wrote a letter to the President of the United States and told him about the problem. I asked him, “Can I please meet with you on the weekend? Or maybe if you are free one week or day you can come here, because we really have to talk.” Our President wrote me back and said he enjoyed hearing from me and he appreciated my friendship. He also sent pictures of himself, his wife, and his dogs. This was very nice, but he did not solve my problem yet. I will write him back so he will care about all people, and I mean all of them, even if they use a wheelchair.

As you know, the law says that restrooms at schools, restaurants, movie theaters, parks, and hotels need to be large and accessible for people who use wheelchairs. Also, Moms need large restrooms to change their babies and big people need large restrooms, too. So why don’t airplanes have big restrooms? That is not fair! Right?

Can you help me please? If you agree with me, can you sign my petition and tell all your friends all over the world to sign it too?

Thank you and God bless,


The undersigned have read Rasha’s story and her concerns about accessible restrooms on airplanes. We believe there are many people like Rasha, people with disabilities, older people who need assistance, parents with small children, people of large size and others who have difficulty using standard airplane restrooms, who should be afforded the human dignity of the use of an accessible restroom on airplanes.

Further, the undersigned, petition the responsible officials of federal, state, and international regulatory agencies, the President of the United States, members of the United States Congress and the responsible executives of airline companies and airplane manufacturers to mandate the provision of at least one accessible restroom on each airplane made available for the transportation of the general public.


The Undersigned

The petition may be signed online at:

For more information on Rasha Kawar from the United Cerebral Palsy Center of Metro Dallas where is a client you can read:

"Sign Rasha Kawar's Petition to Support Accessibility Rights"

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