March 25, 2004

A Career in Inclusive Tourism?

The complete course of preparation for the student pursuing inclusive travel has yet to appear. For those with mastery of the basics there are some resources for specialization.

Universal Design Principles:
Understand the philosophy behind inclusion and become familiar with its implementation in products, policy, business practice and the built environment. Attend conferences and network.

Destination Mangement Skills:
Destination management is the discipline which studies decisions concerning geographical areas and strategic activities and operations designed to generate incoming tourism. Look at the curriculum offered at the Trento School of Management

Knowledge of the Travel Market - Especially Seniors and People With Disabilities:
Become familiar with Simon Darcy's research, particularly "Anxiety to Access." Analyze the market study done by the Open Doors Organization. Observe trends such as trans-generational housing as promoted by AARP and other organizations.

Professional Credentialization for Travel Retailers
The Cruise Line International Association (CLIA), the The American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA), Outside Sales
Support Network
(OSSN), and Institute of Certified Travel Agents(ICTA ) all offer valuable skills in retailing travel.

Specialized Training as an Access Auditor
Acessible Travel & Leisure (UK) is an innovator with travel access. For their Good Access Guide authors they provide specialized credentialization as an Access Auditor.

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