March 11, 2004

TRANSED Conference: May 23 - May 26, 2004

Logo for the TRANSED 2004 conference in Hamamatsu, Japan May 23 -24

The theme of TRANSED 2004 is Universal Transportation and Road Design: Strategies for Success

Several readers of this blog will be attending as organizers, presenters or participants. We look forward to an informative debriefing and many positive follow-on projects.

The design of the TRANSED logo has two significant meanings. Firstly,
the red dot symbolizes the location of Hamamatsu City in relation to its
neighbouring Lake Hamana, which is represented by the black circle
and the blue wave running through it. Secondly, the black brush strokes
are representations of the kanji character for people, or human body,
whereas the red dot signifies the head. The overall impression
the design conveys dynamic movement and inclusiveness.

The following topics will be given particular importance in the discussions:

  • Policies and strategies for social / environmental / economic sustainability

  • Policies and strategies for accessible transportation and road design in Asia

  • Area wide, comprehensive and integrated transportation planning

  • Universal, inclusive and accessible design in public transportation

  • Universal, inclusive and accessible design in roads, signals and vehicles

  • Standardization and advanced universal design

  • Local mobility, community transportation like taxis, buses and Special Transport Service

  • Accessible tourism, major events: Olympics, expositions and conventions
  • Safe mobility for the seniors and drivers

  • Advanced technologies for accessible transportation and road design

  • Public / Private / NPO-NGO partnership
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