March 03, 2004

Attracting Tourism to Japan

Not that I endorse the "medical model" of disability over "universal design" but it does seem that the Japanese tourism industry had a 2 + 2 equation that is not summing up to "4". A recent study suggests two distinct ways to reach out to the senior and disabled market sectors. It does not appear that they have done so yet.

E-TurboNews reports:

During 2002, 5.23 million foreign tourists visited Japan, but 16.52 million Japanese made overseas trips. Japan ranked 33rd in the world in attracting tourists to these shores. Among the Group of Seven nations, Japan was the only one that was not in the top 10.
A Cabinet Office study panel, chaired by Prof. Haruo Shimada of Keio University, released a report in December 2002, saying that the tourism industry, as well as medical and health-related industries, should become more competitive. This study was in line with the government's efforts to develop industries during the current period of low economic growth.


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