February 29, 2004

Weekend Summary

Reflection on the week's Rolling Rains Report posts is a ritual I look forward to. This past week these items appeared in Rolling Rains Review. The most fun I had was speaking to Tourism Board rpresentatives from around the world at the Bay Area Travel Show:

  • The National Organization on Disability

  • The Bay Area Travel Show

  • Trans-Generational Housing

  • Cruise Line Access

  • Airline Seat Comfort

  • Designing Public Space

  • St. Christopher Patron of Travelers

  • I had every intention of writing a weekly reflection. That is, until I heard Joseph Shapiro's story on Ginny Thornburgh at National Organization on Disability. For a thoughtful and moving story that illustrates many of the values explored here I encourage you to read -- or listen to -- Joseph's moving piece Making Churches Accessible: Activist Asks Houses of Worship to Open Their Doors

    Ginny directs the Religious Participation section of NOD. (A section, by the way, which addresses many of the issues raised here. See for example, Islam and People with Disabilities and Hajj in a Wheelchair.

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