February 22, 2004

Anne Galloway @ "purse lip square jaw"

Anne Galloway at her site purse lip square jaw describes herself as a "PhD candidate, technology researcher, ethnographer & designer, raised in the tropics, current inhabitant of Ottawa in the Land of Ice & Snow..." She also articulates something that I realize has been an impetus toward the creation of this web site.


"My position assumes several points: first, that we have in fact moved from trying to enable communities to trying to enable networks; second, that community is best understood in qualitative and processual terms; and third, that networks are most often described in quantitative and structural terms. You can, of course, take issue with any of these assumptions, but for my purposes they stand.

And really my point is very simple: just because a site can connect you to a lot of people doesn't mean that there is any value in those connections. (But neither does it mean there is no value.) "

I am reminded again that universal design is about function and participation. Whether it is a visit to a web site or a foreign country the payoff for me is the community.

(Thanks to Jorge Gobbi for locating and listing this post on his Blog de Viajes.)

Posted by rollingrains at February 22, 2004 06:44 AM