Post-Summit Report: Destinations for All 2014

The first World Summit Destinations for All took place at the Palais des Congrès in Montreal from October 19-22, 2014. More than 350 delegates from around the globe came together with one goal: to further develop and implement international standards to build an accessible world for everyone. 

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  • 366 participants from 31 countries;
  • 148 sessions and 6 panels underlying 3 main themes: tourism, culture and transportation for all;
  • The Declaration "One World for Everyone" was adopted at the end of the Summit, in the presence of representatives from the United Nations (UN), the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), the European Network for Accessible Tourism (ENAT), and the International Social Tourism Organisation (ISTO);
  • A growing worldwide network.

The three main themes from the Summit, whether it was tourism, culture or transportation, led participants to discuss concrete ways to put good practices in place for accessibility for the present and future. 

The Summitt featured speakers such as Ann Frye, Jitu Thaker from the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), and Pierre Jeanniot, a leading Canadian authority. They presented concrete solutions to improve the challenging issues involved in the transport industry, particularly air transport. 

Countries and regions like Belgium, England, Spain and the United States shared with us many different solutions available in their cities that make for a positive traveller's experience. The issue on culture was not ignored, with testimonials coming from France and Croatia for example. 

Accessibility and its effect on the economy were also touched upon, with the message loud and clear that marketing to the disabled population is indeed profitable. "We simply have just customers", said Magnus Berglund, Accessibility Director of Scandic Hotels. This philosophy among hotel chains makes it an integrative model and success in the lucrative market. 

rganizations like the ENAT, the UNWTO and the UN. participated in fruitful conversations that took place during the 3 day conference, and brought their credibility and support to the discussions.

The Summit aimed to share good practices from cities, regions and accessible destinations, and establish a plan for the global development of inclusive tourism.


The event declaration, "One World for Everyone", was signed by the Summit's two co-chairs, Mr. Ivor Ambrose (ENAT) and André Vallerand (World Centre of Excellence for Destinations). Mr. Carlos Vogeler, Director-Executive Secretary for Members Relations at the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) served as co-signing witness.

ENAT's president Anna Grazia Laura accepted, on behalf of her association, the responsibility to coordinate the creation of a World Network for Accessible Tourism.

Daniela Bas, director of UNDESA's Division for Social Policy and Development at the UN, states, "I return to the UN with great news. The goal now is to raise awareness of the feasibility for a world for everyone to the UN members from 193 countries."

André Leclerc, the visionary behind the Summit, was very clear about the future: "With this declaration, we intend to go even further. We must continue to work together to organize in achieving our goals, and to enforce the message of accessibility, a world for everyone! "

Our International Common Strategy

The declaration "One World for Everyone" that was adopted at the end of the Summit is the foundation for our international common strategy and action plan.

The declaration is now available in EnglishFrench, Catalan, and Arabic on the Destinations for All website.
We invite all of our partners to sign the declaration, either personally, or in the name of your organization that you represent. 
The online process to sign is now available:

We are also encouraging our partners to provide us with the translated versions of the declaration in their national languages. 


We kindly remind speakers to please send us your texts for distribution in the Summit Proceedings.
The deadline to submit your full paper based on your presentation at the Summit in Montreal is November 14, 2014. Please refer to the guidelines on our website here.

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